Our Service

We offer qualitative service in wooden manufacturing and carpentry works. We make and serve all type of wooden doors, door frames, wooden furniture and interior design works for new construction, home, high rise building, apartment, villa, warehouse and shopping mall. Service of our company has been availing by many clients and partners. Numerous customers have impressed with our product quality, hard working team, adherence to schedule and favourable offers.

Our wooden manufacturing products include wide range of latest and exclusive designs and are subject to the customer's specification and demand.

Door and Door Frames

  • Our organization presents an enticing range of wooden doors and door frames. Customer needs to select right choice among the doors and door frames which suits his/her requirements in terms of design, style, usage, durability and sustainability. Basically, we have solid panel door, flush door, double door, multi-panel door and decorative door in the door and door frame category.

  • Solid panel and flush doors are extensively used everywhere in our living place whereas double doors or decorative double doors are mostly used for main entrance in home, villa, apartments, hotels and high rise buildings. We are the specialist in making the doors and door frames and serve you the best to make your doors with a reasonable cost as per the specifications and requirements.

Wardrobe and Cabinet

  • We make world class premium quality wooden cabinets, closets and wardrobes as per customer's specification. To get a right choice of a cabinet/wardrobe/closet that best suits your space, style and storage needs, we have a wide range of the choices from traditional to the modern design in look for your clothes, small accessories, big accessories and heavy items. Mostly, the following choices are available in wardrobe and cabinet category.

  • Different cabinets have their own identity as wardrobe/closet is basically used to store your cloths whereas hutch s used to keep your small accessories inside it. Showcase is used to put your decorative items inside to display through transparent glass. For TV/LED screen, TV cabinet is ideal for you, and storage cabinet is the right choice to keep your big accessories and heavy items.

Interior Design

  • Need a living room inspiration?
    We have a professional team to give your interior look stylish. Our interior design service includes to decorate your home for the floor design, wall design, ceiling design, furniture design, layout design and proper arrangements of living room/dinning room items.

Exterior Design

  • We offer a service to design your exterior home space in a stylish mini-farm house with a pagoda living creation. Pagoda living can also be built in the farm-house to give a fabulous look. This category also includes miscellaneous decoration for the exterior home/building/villa/whorehouse/mall/shop as per the demand.

Carpentry Maintenance

  • A-Z carpentry solution is available here. It includes maintenance work of your old furniture and wooden items. We also offer door-step service in the selected areas for your carpentry works like wood cutting, wood finishing, wood drilling, wall drilling, furniture fixing, furniture policing, carpentry consultation and wall-mount services for your LED TV, Cabinet, Bracket, Pipe, Curtain etc.

Office Furniture

  • We make furnitures for office and home office. It includes office desk, computer desk, printer/computer accessory side-table, reception furniture, book-self, storage-self, book-case, file cabinet, storage cabinet, meeting/conference desk, office chair and many more.

Kitchen Furniture

  • We make customised kitchen furnitures as per the requirement of a customer. The design of a kitchen furniture varies from modern look to a classical look and can be selected with the choice of the theme of your living decoration.

Beds and Kids Bed

  • Our beds and kids beds are long-lasting and durable items compared to the ready-made market products. It includes single bed, twin bed, double bed, kid bed, child bed and double deck bed for kids/children. This category products are made as per the demand and specification and available in different sizes i.e. single size, twin size, queen size, king size.

Dinning Table and Tables

  • This category has different type of the tables i.e. dinning table, tea table, oval table, round table, squire table, rectangle table, conference table, study table, TV table, flat table, school table, office table etc.

Ceiling Interiors

  • Ceiling interior gives you a fabulous look when it is created around nicely. False and gypsum ceiling decorations are used extensively to provide a living look modern. Wooden grid and linear grille designs on a ceiling have been very popular for a long-time and it never falls behind in the customer's demand.

Carving Decoration

  • Give your living space to a classical look with carving patterns on the wood items. We offer more than 100 design carving patterns on the selected and exclusive products and can be customised by the customer as per the requirements.

Miscellaneous Items

  • We have another miscellaneous category of the product. It includes small wooden items which are generally required in our daily life at home i.e. Dressers, Mirror, Bedroom Chests, Night-stands and many more.